Marie-Soleil (Sunny) Labelle



Born with a Developmental Language Disorder, Marie-Soleil grew up facing the adversity of being different. Resilient and Determined, Marie-Soleil achieves her goals “it’s not about the time it takes to achieve your goals, but only achieving your goals” explains Marie-Soleil. She defies statistics: at 17, Marie-Soleil starts her university studies. A Student-Athlete at the University of Ottawa, Marie-Soleil begins her fourth year of university in September 2024 at the Faculty of Engineering pursuing a double degree: a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Technology. Her story is authentic and inspiring, traveling across three continents in 2023; North America, Europe, and Australia. It’s no coincidence that Marie-Soleil’s inspiring testimony is in the “pole position” of the book Mission: Say No to Labels! available in Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and in electronic version.

Recipient of the Gatineau CITIZEN MERIT 2022: at the age of 15, Marie-Soleil transitions from karting to road racing. She becomes the youngest female driver in the history of the Canadian Nissan Micra Cup series in 2020. Marie-Soleil becomes the 2022 vice-champion in the Pole Position championship of the Canadian Nissan Sentra Cup series in the Mirca class at just 18 years old. In January 2024, Marie-Soleil’s passion for motorsport turns into a profession.

A few days after her twentieth birthday, Marie-Soleil becomes a young entrepreneur when she incorporates MSL Course Communication. A philanthropist at heart, Marie-Soleil loves making a difference where help is needed with Make-A-Wish® / Children’s Wishᴹᴰ Canada as well as the international committee Raising Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder (RADLD) and the V42 Foundation.


After eight successful years of the Nissan Micra Cup in Canada, Nissan and JD Promotion present the Nissan Sentra® Cup.

The Nissan Sentra Cup is a one-make racing series exclusive to Canada and, like the Micra Cup, offers drivers one of the most affordable ways to participate in motorsport.

The Sentra Cup will be launched in May 2023, and will take place at some of Canada’s top racing events at renowned tracks in Quebec and Ontario.


Presented by Cinq Sens Communication


The logo conveys the evolution of a young woman’s motorsport career and the daily life of a young woman born with a difference.

The letters MSL stand for Marie-Soleil Labelle’s initials.

The initials MS are clearly visible; the L represents a portion of the race track, Marie-Soleil’s second home.

Color choices and definitions

The color black represents the shadow. This shadow moves at a greater speed than the object intercepting the sun’s rays.

The shadow informs experience that the relief is directly behind, regardless of the difference.

The color black represents the unapparent details and challenges of a person born with a difference (challenges often experienced alone and in silence).


ALPHA is her choice. Like the ALPHA Wolf, Marie-Soleil adapts to her environment and succeeds no matter what the adversity.

This powerful symbol, the ALPHA: represents intelligence | represents leadership | represents courage | represents determination | represents altruism | represents resilience

The meaning

The undetailed ear and the absence of a muzzle and mouth represent Marie-Soleil’s DIFFERENCE, her Developmental Language Disorder (DLD).

The wide-open eye represents the keen eyesight that detects the slightest movement in front of Maire-Soleil. Because of her LDD, Marie-Soleil uses visual communication to get her messages across clearly, crisply and precisely.

The maple leaf outline above the eye represents her nationality, which is Canadian.

The geared brain represents engineering and the complexity of daily life.

The number 27 represents her respect for the Quebec driver who has left his mark on the world of motor racing: Gilles Villeneuve.